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How to pack your Rucksack


How to pack your Rucksack

Walk with a trek friendly sack not a mule weight

If you came all the way long here to check this out then you must be wonder that “Is there a perfect way to pack my rucksack”. When you see advance climbers walking with ease with even heavier sacks then yours. Obviously, it’s not rocket science to pack a bag but when you are in the mountains every aspect affects your speed and comfort while walking those slopes.

Ideal Rucksack - There are only things that you need to see in sack. First, it is able to take all your clothes and equipment. Second is the padding on the shoulder and waist straps that won’t make your body exhaust, you can walk all day without realizing the sack weight.

How to Pack the Sack.     

Heavy goes down and Light stays Up

3 Step Weight Distribution

Bottom - What to put in the bottom of rucksack - Always try to pack heavy items like sleeping bag, snow boots, crampons and heavy clothing in the bottom section of the rucksack, it will shift the weight on your back instead of upper body that is not able to carry heavy weight. A good waist strap helps to carry that weight easy on the back. 

Middle - Where to put extra clothing and accessories - You can put extra clothing, batteries, head torches and other things in the middle section of the sack. Thing that you’ll need only after reaching next camp.

Top - Not able to find things in the rucksack! Can’t remember where did you put those extra batteries? then do this. You need to put all handy things in the pockets and in the upper section of the sack. Caps, gloves, torch and other day to day things are ideally supposed to be hand reach of the sack you can hang extra things that need large space so you can hang those things on the rucksacks.

 2 step Accessibility-wise Packing 

Day to Day accessories – Things that you will need while trekking in the day should be put in outer section of the rucksack, like in the upper point we talked about things for upper section of the sack.

Rarely Needed Things – You need to put thing that you’ll wont need while trekking and will be used at night or after some days of trekking i.e., sleeping bag, tent or extra warm clothes.

If you try any one of these things while packing, you’ll realize the difference while trekking.  Thanks, the Team Later!